tbk-s-double-side-labeling-machine Suppliers, Guangzhou XinYou Chemical Mechinery Co.,Ltd.

TBK-S Double Side Labeling Machine

TBK-S Double Side Labeling Machine can be used in al kind of business or production operation and stick labels on two side at the same time. As various two sides labeling for chemical industry,petroleum etc.This machine is suited for labeling on objects that are thin and flat or square shaped on both sides and it has memory capacity up to 60 sets labeling parameters for fast change of production conditions.It also design suitable label wine bottle neck, front and back at the same time.These labeling machine has speed upto 0-25 m/min adjustable,150kg weight & 110V, 50/60HZ or 220V, 50/60HZ power supply.The labeling can be inclined 20 (MAX.),suitable for labeling on awl shaped objects,with perfect results.

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