Lyophilizer fabricated long-term preservation after freezing-drying processing
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Freeze Dryer

Tabletop Freeze Dryer LGJ-10


Tabletop Vacuum freeze dryer, can be restored to original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristics after being watered
Types : A : standard type ,B: top press type, C: manifold type , D: manifold with top press type, E :T-type

1.        Imported compressor, CFC Free refrigeration.

2.        Big opening of condenser, condenser has pre-freeze function.

3.        The machine can store freeze-dried data for many times, experimental data can be output by a USB flash disk.

4.        Touch screen as human-computer interface, Chinese (English) convertible interface, display drying curve.

5.        Small volume, compact structure ,easy and convenient operation.

6.        The international standard KF vacuum interface, with a variety of vacuum pump combination.

7.        Condenser and operation panel are all stainless steel, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

8.        Pre-freeze shelf can work as a lead tube, speed up the drying speed.

9.        Optional charging valve, filling dry inert gas.

10.     Cascade refrigeration is optional , applied for -80°C machine.

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