Cement industries play major role in co-processing hazardous wastes
K. Baskaran

K. Baskaran


Industrial Waste Management Association (IWMA)

Chairman, Industrial Waste Management Association (IWMA) speaks about the importance of hazardous waste management in India with Worldofchemicals.com & Waste Management Expo 2020.

"Cement industries play major role in co-processing hazardous wastes"

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What are the concerns & issues regarding the waste generated in the industries (your focus industry) in India?

Segregation of waste from source level is the key matter of concern in Industries for recycling. However segregated storage followed by disposal may not be main part of industry’s priorities. Their commitment towards environment will definitely motivate industry to do so.! 


What are the technologies used to treat the industrial waste and make it a sustainable or usable alternate there after? Also elaborate regarding the national scenario of solid waste management and methods managing the hazardous constituents?

Waste disposal hierarchy pyramid shall be followed in disposal of waste. Landfill may be last in the pyramid, despite co-processing of waste is kick starting across the country. Mostly cement industries plays major role in co-processing these hazardous wastes.


However, policy driven enforcement similar to hazardous waste shall be applied to other solid waste such as e-waste, plastic waste, domestic solid waste, especially on construction and demolition waste. Stricter enforcement and abiding Extended Producer Responsibility may better the scenario in the country.


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How is the Industrial Waste Management Association (IWMA) working with the Government to provide sustainable solutions from the waste generated by the industry? What are your suggestions for the Government to improve advantages for waste managing companies?

IWMA acts as a nodal agency between industry and government in solving Industries environment problems. With respect to hazardous waste accounting generated across the industries, Government shall bring it under one head to monitor the shortfall from defaulting industries and network among industries for better solutions


How is IWMA working with the Educational Institutions to bring awareness in the young generation? Have you seen any impact?

IWMA runs annually two environment awareness programs ENVIRO and Young Environmental Scientist (YES) Program for school children since 2012. YES, program is a pioneering initiative by IWMA to motivate and support school Children to carry out experiments and share their research findings in science. The main objective is to nurture their young minds, encourage their thoughts and recognize their talent. Students from Government schools are participating and winning the title is one of the key impacts in reaching grounds of various schools.

Mention the methods adopted by the global waste management companies to treat their generated waste and also how the key learnings can be adopted by Indian industries?


Resource recovery from various hazardous waste through cost effective technologies are important key steps to learn from global waste management companies. Systematic learning from the past experience on waste management will improve Indian standards to compete in the Global market.

Considering the Waste Management Expo (WME) 2020, what are some of the topics and technologies/ solutions that you would like to see at the event? How can it be a truly global platform for understanding the best practices and knowledge sharing on a worldwide basis?

Hazardous waste management will be one of the more interested subjects to look in. I strongly believe, participants across the globe sharing their experiences and technologies in the area of waste management during the program will be of great success in enlightening the country’s stake holders on waste management.


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