flat-bed-refrigerated-dry-box-and-heavy-haul Chemical Transportation Service, Bulk Carrier Services, Inc.

Flat Bed, Refrigerated, Dry Box and Heavy Haul

BCS has provided the industry with professional and safe transportation of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid bulk commodities. Our private fleet specializes in Bulk Liquid Chemical Transportation servicing the entire continental United States and the Canadian Providences. The brokerage also provides transportation services for all commodities including Bulk Liquid (chemical and food grade), Dry Chemical, Flat Bed, Refrigerated, Dry Box, and Heavy Haul. Company has thirty two tank trailers. Our tank configurations include: 407 Insulated Stainless Steel Double Conical and Straight Round, 412 Stainless Steel Dedicated Sulfuric, Chlorobutyl Rubber Lined, and FRP Derakane Lined Acid Tankers. The BCS fleet provides both on board mechanical pump and air compressor unloading capability. The units can provide full service temperature control (in transit heat), vapor recovery, and corrosive carriage for most chemicals.