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1800 LXA Laboratory Glassware Washer Dryer

1800 LXA Laboratory Glassware Washer Dryer is capable of cleaning a large volume of glassware. Customers can load 6 independent racks on a choice of 8 levels as a result of its innovative design. The Lancer 1800 LXA freestanding glassware washer dryer is typically found in large centralised facilities or in laboratories with large non-standard sized items. Thousands of glassware items a day presents no problem for the 1800 LXA chamber that can wash and dry on 6 levels simultaneously. Racks are interchangeable between any of the 6 levels allowing many loading options. It is also ideal for very large vessels - 20 to 100 litres (5 - 26 gallons). Its application include in Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Biopharm, Food, Chemicals etc.

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