Transmitters measure various liquids flow level pressure, current pressure inputs
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Conventional Level Transmitters

Conventional Level Transmitters are fully temperature conpensated. The Series 8000-SAN are solid state pressure and level transmitters based upon a piezo silicium sensor and a strong flush mounted diaphragm. The Series 8000-SAN units are especially designed to be non-clogging and capable of being cleaned in-place (CIP and SIP). They fully meet the needs of the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In order to be fully compatible with the process they are monitoring, the Series 8000-SAN units offer a wide range of process connections and a choice of materials from which the wetted parts are fabricated.

MCI Transmitters

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Conventional Conventional
3051S Pressure Transmitter

3051S Pressure Transmitter has been enhanced to allow new measurement possibilities in high-process temperatures or changing ambient conditions. It provides reliable flow measurement in high pressure applications with capabilities up to 15,000 psi (1034 bar). As processing applications increasingly operate in conditions with extreme pressures and temperatures, operators must vigilantly monitor equipment integrity and stability in order to prevent failures, safety hazards and decreased production. In industries such as offshore and onshore oil and gas and power generation where pressures can exceed 10,000 psi, it is critical that instrumentation be robust enough to provide accurate measurements on a consistent basis. The transmitter’s SuperModule platform and coplanar design reduce potential leak points by 50 percent compared to traditional designs.

Emerson Process Management

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3051S 3051S
DR6300 Radar Level Transmitter

DR6300 Radar Level Transmitter is a non-contact radar level transmitter specifically for solids. It is ideal for use in a wide range of industries such as minerals and mining, chemical, food, iron, steel, metals, pulp and paper. It offers a more stable measurement than pulse radar and is ideal for use under dusty process conditions. For very dusty atmospheres the DR6300 uses a unique Drop antenna design. It can operate at very low and very high process temperatures as long as the process connection temperature limits are observed.It features an optional directly accessible graphic touchscreen, an optional second current output and an installation wizard specifically for solids that permits the instrument to measure uneven surfaces accurately.

AMETEK Drexelbrook

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DR6300 DR6300
Industrial Temperature Transmitter

Industrial Temperature Transmitter is used in chemical, oil and gas and pulp and paper industries where robust reliable instrumentation suit hazardous conditions are necessary. The industrial temperature transmitter products improve the functionality of temperature measurement by increasing accuracy and reliability when compared to direct wired sensors. Each unit can be configured for a variety of sensor inputs: RTD, thermocouple, millivolt or ohm.


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