Academy of Science of the Czech Republic offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Biochemistry.


Rank: 201-250

Academy of Science of the Czech Republic

Current Academy of Sciences continues its work not only on the former Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, as well as a number of its predecessors. The oldest active long indeed learned society was the Royal Czech Learned Society (1784-1952) that included humanities and natural sciences. The idea of an institution dedicated to interdisciplinary research is very close to the concept and structure of today's Academy of Sciences. The main mission of the Academy of Sciences and its institutes is to conduct basic research in a wide range of natural, engineering, humanities and social sciences. Academy of Sciences are involved in education, especially education of young researchers in the implementation of doctoral programs. The Academy also develops cooperation with applied research and industry.


Earth Science.
Department of Mathematics,Physics and Earth Science, Section pf Earth Science,Institute of Geology, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Development 269,16500 Prague 6,Czech Republic.
Chemical Science.
Department of Life and Chemical Sciences, Section of Chemical Sciences, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Vever 97, 602 00 Brno. Czech Republic.
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