Angelo State University offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Biochemistry.



Angelo State University

Angelo State University was founded in 1928. It is a public, coeducational, doctoral level degree-granting university located in San Angelo, Texas, United States. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs. The department of chemistry offers degree major programs in chemistry and biochemistry. The chemistry degree program emphasizes the physical principles behind chemical processes, while the biochemistry degree program focuses on the biological aspects of those same processes. The first and second years of both programs provide a strong foundation in chemistry, physics and mathematics, with biochemistry placing an additional emphasis on biology. Students in their third year start to specialize in their respective majors. ASU chemistry and biochemistry students have been extremely successful with their applications to graduate, medical and professional schools.


Biochemistry, Chemistry.
Department Of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Angelo State University, ASU Station #10892, San Angelo, TX 76909-0892, U.S.A.
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