Bar-Ilan University offers Research in Medicinal Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.



Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University was established in the year 1955. It is a public university located in Ramat Gan Tel Aviv District, Israel. Bar Ilan is now Israel's second-largest academic institution. The Department of Chemistry at Bar-Ilan University offers study tracks for the B.Sc as a comprehensive degree or as a major or minor degree as well as M.Sc., and Ph.D degrees. The curriculum includes courses in advanced chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and chemistry of materials, biophysics and more. The Chemistry degree at Bar-Ilan University is remarkably versatile and stimulating. Courses include subjects such as mathematics, physics, and all fields of chemistry, as well as practical subjects such as polymer chemistry, energy sources, ceramic materials and pharmaceutical development. The Chemistry Department has also established the Minerva Center on Microscale and Nanoscale Particles and Films as Tailored Biomaterial Interfaces, which serves as a focal point for biomaterials research.


Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, 52900, Israel .
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