Bristol University offers Research in Biochemistry,Geochemistry.


Rank: 51-100

Bristol University

University of Bristol was founded in 1876. It was the first higher education institution in England to admit women on an equal basis to men.The department of Chemistry one of the UK's best chemistry departments and is recognised globally for world class research and teaching.The department attract outstanding researchers and students from all parts of the world. The research spans a broad range of topics and disciplines, offering students the chance to collaborate with scientists both within and outside the University. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs. They have world class equipment and instrument infrastructure for research.


The School of Chemistry,        University of Bristol, BRISTOL BS8 1TS, United Kingdom.
School of Biochemistry, Medical Sciences, University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TD, UK.
Earth Science.
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol,  Wills Memorial Building, Queen's Road, Bristol BS8 1RJ,UK
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