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China Three Gorges University

China Three Gorges University  was founded in 2000 in Yichang City. It is a comprehensive university, which comprises the former University of Hydraulic & Electric Engineering / Yichang and Hubei Sanxia Univeristy. Among its colleges, the history of the Medical College can be traced back to 1923.CTGU teaches a wide range of disciplines, enrolls students from all over the country as well as international students and puts lots of efforts to improve and develop the hydroelectric field of study. CTGU consists of 26 colleges. There are 60 specialties for undergraduate students, which cover 9 fields including science, engineering, literature, medicine, economics, management, law, education and arts. It has 21, 672 full-time undergraduate students, 1,789 postgraduate students, and 773 international students in 2011. In recent years, CTGU is becoming a high-level comprehensive university with the hydroelectric feature and a good social reputation.


College of Chemistry & Life Science, China Three Gorges University, Yichang, Hubei University Avenue on the 8th Zip Code: 443002,China.
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