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Chuvash State University,

Chuvash State University was founded in 1967. It is the main university of chuvashia in the Russian Federation located in Cheboksary, the capital of the Chuvash Republic, on the Volga River northeast of Moscow. The faculty of chemistry exists since the founding of Chuvash State University. They have highly professional faculty and teaching staff. For training activities and research they use sophisticated laboratory equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance, C, H, N-analyzers. The Faculty of Chemistry new forms and methods of teaching. The faculty consists of the Department: Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Macromolecular Compounds, general, inorganic and analytical chemistry, chemical engineering and environmental protection. The Department of Organic and Pharmaceutical chemistry offers department has a master's degree, postgraduate and doctoral studies. The Department of Physical Chemistry and Macromolecular Compunds operates in three specialties postgraduate and doctoral studies in the field of "Polymer" and "Mathematical modeling, numerical methods, and software."


Faculty of Chemical-Pharmaceutical, Chuvash State University,  oscow Avenue, 19 (housing "O"), Cheboksary, 428015, Russia.
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