Colgate University offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Biochemistry.



Colgate University

Colgate University was founded in 1819. It is a private highly selective residential liberal arts college located in Hamilton Village, Hamilton Township, Madison County, New York, and United States. The Department of Chemistry is certified by the American Chemical Society, and is nationally recognized for faculty-student research program. The department offers a research-oriented curriculum that culminates in an original senior research project conducted in collaboration with one or more faculty members. The department offers majors in chemistry and biochemistry, as well as a minor in chemistry. The department is equipped with top-line modern instrumentation, such as dual beam x-ray diffract meter (video) that you can utilize to conduct graduate-level research as an undergraduate.


Department Of Chemistry, Colgate University, 211 Wynn Hall ,13 Oak Drive Hamilton, NY13346, U.S.A.
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