Drexel University offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.


Rank: 401-450

Drexel University

Drexel University was founded in 1891. It is a top-ranked, comprehensive university recognized for its focus on experiential learning through co-operative education, its commitment to cutting-edge academic technology and its growing enterprise of use- inspired research. The university consists of three campuses in Philadelphia and one in Sacramento, California. Drexel's colleges and schools offer an extensive range of degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Students can focus on a specific discipline in depth within a particular department while exploring other areas of interest across colleges. The Department of Chemistry is dedicated to excellence in education and advanced research in chemical sciences. The undergraduate and graduate programs at Drexel University provide students with the opportunity to learn the traditional disciplines of chemistry and also to explore the workings of chemistry in the natural and technological worlds. The Department of Chemistry offers the Bachelor of Arts degree program for students who want flexibility in the selection of courses in other fields of science in addition to basic education in chemistry. The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for a student who seeks a solid background in chemistry in order to enter medical school or some other field related to chemistry. The department alsooffers BS, MS, PhD and minor programs in chemistry. The Bachelor's/Master's (BS/MS) accelerated degree program is a program providing the academically qualified student with an opportunity to earn both a BS and an MS degree (two diplomas are awarded) in five years, the time normally required to finish the co-op option BS degree alone. The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) has a variety of programs to choose from, including a new biological concentration option implemented to satisfy the recent and rapid growing interest of students and employers for training in the processing of biological compounds. The department offers BS, MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering.


Department of Chemistry, Drexel University, Disque Hall Rm. 305, 3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2875, U.S.A.
Chemical and Biological Engineering.
Chemical and Biological Engineering, Drexel University, 3141 Chestnut Street,CAT Suite 288, Philadelphia, PA 19104, U.S.A.
Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Organometallic Chemistry, Chemical Education.

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