Eindhoven University of Technology offers Research in Inorganic Chemistry,Material Chemistry.


Rank: 51-100

Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology was founded in 1956. It is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. It is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Eindhoven has become one of the leading cities in Europe in the field of high tech, knowledge and design. Chemical Engineering and Chemistry is one of the nine departments of Eindhoven University of Technology. It was established in 1957. The department is located in the Helix and Matrix buildings on the TU/e campus. The laboratories are equipped with modern instruments. The department offers a Bachelor's degree program, a Master's degree program offering two specializations and, at the Stan Ackerman's Institute, a design engineering course. Education is closely related to the department's research, which spans no fewer than 8 research programs. There are two main research clusters within the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry: Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry, and Chemical and Process Technology.


Chemical Engineering, Chemistry.
Eindhoven University of Technology, Department and Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Postbus 513, buildings Helix and Matrix, 5600 MB Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Inorganic Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Super Molecular Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymer Chemistry, Macro-Organic Chemistry and Molecular Materials, Organometallic Chemistry, Nano Science.

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