Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul offers Research in Biochemistry,Electrochemistry.


Rank: 251-300

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul was founded in 1934. It is a century-old educational institution nationally and internationally recognized. The university is located in Porto Alegre Brazil. The university offers academic programs from all different fields of knowledge, for all stages of education, ranging from elementary to graduate school. UFRGS grants to be ranked among the best universities in the country. The Institute of Chemistry (IQ) provides undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as research in the chemistry field. Nowadays, it is one of the most important human resources research centers in Brazil and Latin America. During its 45 years of activity, the Industrial Chemistry institute developed educational programs in the areas of chemistry and chemical engineering as well as services of analysis and testing. It also embraced the Institute of Technology - Chemistry Sector (today Foundation of Science and Technology of the Rio Grande do Sul State – CIENTEC), the Institute of Food Technology (today Institute of Science and Food Technology of UFRGS – ICTA) and the Radiochemistry division of the Physics Institute and the Coal Experimental Institute. The school of Engineering offers Master's and Doctoral programs in chemical engineering.


Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Avenida Ipiranga, 2752 Porto Alegre, RS 90.610-000, Brasil
Institute Of Chemistry. Department of Organic Chemistry, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Avenida Bento Gonçalves, 9500 Porto Alegre, RS Agronomia, 91.501-970,Brasil.
Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Health Science, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Rua Ramiro Barcelos, 2600 - Annex, Barrio Santa Cecilia, Porto Alegre, RS Brazil.
Chemical Engineering.
Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, Federal University Of Rio Grande do Sul, Street Engineer Luiz Englert, s / n - 12204 building, 90,040-040 Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil.
Biochemistry, Electrochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Photo Chemistry, Organic Sythesis, Polymer Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry.

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