Fudan University offers Research in Material Chemistry,Organometallic Chemistry.


Rank: 26

Fudan University

Fudan University was founded in the year 1905.Fudan consists of 28 schools and departments, with seventy undergraduate disciplines. The University confers bachelor's degrees in seventy academic disciplines, and master's degrees in two hundred and twenty nine disciplines (with fifty-one of them established by the University itself), and doctoral degrees in twenty-four Level I and one hundred and fifty-four Level II academic disciplines (with thirty of them established by the University itself). There are also twenty-nine research stations that offer postdoctoral fellowships. Fudan boasts a qualified faculty of over 2,678 full-time teachers and researchers, including 1,400 full professors and associate professors, 36 academicians o f the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 53 chair professors and 30 lecture professors of the Cheungkong Scholars Program, 17 chief scientists of Project 973. In the recent years, the University has been proactive in recruiting youthful strengths and optimizing the echelon of its faculty. Fudan has ten teaching hospitals, such as Zhong-shan (Dr. Sun Yat-san) Hospital and Hua-shan (Mount Lotus) Hospital, which offer quality medical service to the general public, conduct clinical education to student doctors and perform advanced scientific researches.


Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, 220 Handan Road, Shanghai, China.
Environmental Science.
Departmnet of Environmental Science & Engineering, Fudan University, 220 Handan Road, Shanghai, China.
Environmental Chemistry, Geochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Organic Sythesis, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Biogeochemistry , Chemical Biology, Organometallic Chemistry.

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