Gakushuin University offers Research in Inorganic Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.



Gakushuin University

Gakushuin University was founded in 1847. It is a private university in Mejiro, Toshima Ward, and Tokyo. The university offers quality education to its students in various study areas. The Faculty of Science was established in 1949, with two Departments, Physics and Chemistry. Now it consists additional department of Mathematics and Institute for Bimolecular Science. The faculty is of relatively small size. The number of students admitted in each year is about 170. The faculty are qualified who closely monitor the teaching and research. The Department of Chemistry covers three basic area of chemistry: Physical, Organic and Inorganic chemistry, plus one major interdisciplinary area, bimolecular chemistry, in both education and research. The department has a radioisotope research facility besides its main laboratories. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in chemistry.


Department of Chemistry, Gakushuin University, Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8588, Japan.
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