Grodno State Agrarian University offers Research in Inorganic Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.



Grodno State Agrarian University

Grodno State Agrarian University , founded in 1951 , is the largest educational and scientific centre of the Western region of Belarus. At present th University trains specialists at 8 faculties and in 11 specialities of agricultural, engineering, technological and economic profiles. Innovative methods and educational technologies (modern information bases) are used here. Grodno State Agrarian University carries out several joint educational and research projects thus providing the University scientists, teachers and students with a unique opportunity to experience and scientific information exchange. Geography of the partner universities and research centers is quite wide. We cooperate with agro-industrial and educational institutions of England, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Switzerland, etc.More than 340 teachers work at the 32 university chairs. Over 50% of the academic staff has scientific degrees of candidate of sciences or Doctor of sciences. About 8000 young people study at Grodno State Agrarian University today. The University created excellent conditions for uninterrupted and second higher education. The Agrarian University trains academic personnel of high qualification. We offer magistracy, postgraduate and doctoral studies. The Dissertation Defence Council works successfully here.


Department of Chemistry, Faculty Of Engineering and Technology, Grodno State Agrarian University, The Republic of Belarus, 230008, Grodno, ul. Tereshkova, 28, room 98A,Belarus.
Soil Science.
Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Grodno State Agrarian University, 230008, Grodno, ul. Tereshkova. 28 Belarus.
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