Hebei University of Technology offers Research in Inorganic Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.



Hebei University of Technology

Hebei University of Technology was founded in 1903. It is a public university. The main campus lies in the Guangrong Dao neighborhood of the Hongqiao District in Tianjin, China. It is the first institute of technology in modern Chinese education history. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, masters and doctoral programs in various study area. The university consists of qualified faculty. The School of Chemical Engineering and Technology is one of the oldest schools at Hebei University of Technology. Chemistry, Dyeing and Weaving, and some general subjects were initially launched along with the establishment of the University. The department offers undergraduates, master graduates and doctoral graduates programs in chemical engineering and chemistry.


Chemical Engineering, Chemistry.
School of Chemical Engineering and Technolog, Hebei University of Technology, No.8 Guangrongdao, Hongqiao District, Tianjin, 300130, P.R. China.

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