Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan offers Research in Material Chemistry,Catalysis.



Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan

The Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan represents a distinctive culture of engineering and science education along with other areas of scholarship and generates research to best fulfil the current and emerging needs of society, enhancing its prosperity through environmentally sustainable means. Founded in 2008 in collaboration with France, IIT Rajasthan functions through centres of excellence with innovative curriculum design, interdisciplinary research and thought leadership, delivering to society leaders who are entrepreneurial and well-rounded. Interdisciplinary, application oriented and rigorous, the research program at IIT Rajasthan is committed to the development of scholars who will carry forward productive research on technological, scientific and social issues that characterize the challenges faced by the contemporary world. While the program, with its multidisciplinary ethos, provides a great diversity and scope for innovation to a researcher, it simultaneously aims at transforming students into professionals whose breath of knowledge can help them solve the complex problems of the real world.


Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan, Old Residency Road, Ratanada, Jodhpur - 342 011,India.
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