Inha University offers Research in Organic Sythesis,Organometallic Chemistry.


Rank: 351-400

Inha University

Founded in 1954 to fulfill the dearest wish of empowering and bringing prosperity to the nation. Inha University stands for the ideals of building students characters,searching for the truth and serving society in order to embody the university's fonding principles of creativity and service. The Chemistry Department offers students the opportunity to master the fundamentals of Chemistry while also providing a basic knowledge of various other fields. To adapt to rapidly growing societies, the modern chemical industry is asking for well-trained scientists who have expert knowledge of their subject and the ability to adapt to the constantly changing world of chemistry.


Chemical Science.
School Of Chemical Science and Engineering, Inha University, Incheon, Korea 402-751.
Department Of Chemistry, College Of Natural Sciences, 253 Yonghyun-dong, Incheon, Korea postal code :402-751.
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