Institut Polytechnique LaSalle-Beauvais



Institut Polytechnique LaSalle-Beauvais

Institut Polytechnique LaSalle-Beauvais was founded in 1854. It is located in Beauvais, France. The institute trains generalist engineers to hold high-level executive and top management positions in the following sectors especially: agriculture, food industry, food and health, geology and the environment. Academic programmes are research-informed to support the curriculum of the great range of scientific disciplines taught at the school. The Geosciences Department is one of five academic departments and research LaSalle Beauvais. The team is multidisciplinary and has operational experience of over 40 years worldwide field or laboratory. It is involved in all areas of geosciences and environment offering expertise, integrated studies, services or research programs in accordance with the specifications and regulatory requirements. The department offers masters program wherein petroleum geology is taught in the 5th year.


Department of Geoscience, ( Petroleum Geology ), Institut Polytechnique LaSalle-Beauvais, 9 rue Pierre Waguet, BP 30313 Beauvais, France.
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