Instituto Nacional del Carbon offers Research in Surface Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.



Instituto Nacional del Carbon

The INCAR initially devoted to scientific and technological research for the use and application of coal, with particular attention to the process of preparation and use of the Asturian coals.In June 1952 he began to build permanent facilities, which opened in 1960, which allowed significantly expand the possibilities of experimental work at both laboratory and pilot and semi-industrial and thus support his research Asturian coal utilization in the steel industry.


Material Chemistry.
Department of Materilas Chemistry, Instituto Nacional del Carbón (CSIC) , c/ Francisco Pintado Fe, No. 26, La Corredoria , 33011 Oviedo, Spain.
Energy and Environment.
Department OF Chemical Processes in Energy and Environment, Instituto Nacional del Carbon, Painted Francisco Fe, 26  Rev. Co. 73  33011 Oviedo, Spain.
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