Japan Women's University offers Research in Chemistry.



Japan Women's University

Mejiro Campus dates back to the founding of the university. Standing on the hill of Mejiro, the campus blends a hundred years of tradition with a modern university for the young women of today.Nishi-Ikuta Campus displays the colorful changes of the seasons. In 1990. Japan Women’s University, with its four faculties, fifteen departments and five graduate schools, continues its work of education and research at its two campuses: at Mejiro, an oasis of green in the heart of the city, and at Nishi-Ikuta, with its flowers and trees that change with the seasons. The Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences, meanwhile, supervises integrated education and re-search in the fields of chemistry and biology, which represent the material and life sciences in the broadest sense


Biological Science.
Department of Chemical and Biological Science, Japan Women’s University Mejiro Campus, 2-8-1 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8681, Japan.

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