Kanazawa Institute of Technology offers Research in Biochemistry,Environmental Chemistry.



Kanazawa Institute of Technology

KIT pursue the highest level of excellence in education, research and service. Their aim ‘to be the top school in Japan in value-added education’ through the fostering of good character formation. Their principle is to foster the development of creative and unique engineers and researchers that are eager to explore our own culture, have high moral standards, and are both broad and internationally-minded. To foster the development of engineers and researchers that will contribute to engineering innovation while remaining flexible to the future advancement of science and technology. To contribute to the local community as a modern and enlightened school while actively exploring the themes demanded by Japanese industry.


Department of Bioscience and Chemistry,  Kanazawa Institute of Technology., 7-1 Ohgigaoka Nonoichi Ishikawa, 921 - 8501,Japan.
Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Enzymatic Chemistry.

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