Laval University., canada offers Research in Biochemistry,Electrochemistry.


Rank: 251-300

Laval University., canada

Laval University was founded in 1663. It is the oldest university located in Quebec City. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs. It is also a leader in the area of research and innovation. The Faculty of Science and Engineering provides one of the most stimulating multidisciplinary environments in North America with its combination of pure science, applied science, and engineering. The Department of Chemical Engineering offers Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degree programs. The Department of Chemistry provides education programs at the baccalaureate, masters and doctorate in chemistry. The department also contributes to the teaching of chemistry in several other degree programs including biochemistry, microbiology, food science and technology and secondary education. The quality of research in the Department of Chemistry is excellent. The department has a fleet of sophisticated scientific equipment and excellent research infrastructure.


Chemical Engineering.
Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Adrien-Pouliot, 1065 Ave. of Medicine, Room 3550, Université Laval, Québec (Quebec) Canada, G1V 0A6.
Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Bioinformatics, Université Laval, Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon, 1045 Avenue of Medicine , Office 3428, Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6, Canada.
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering Laval University, Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon, local 1220 one thousand and forty-five Ave. Medicine, Québec QC G1V 0A6 Canada.
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