Nara Institute of Science and Technology



Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) is a Japanese national university located in Kansai Science City, a border region between Nara, Osaka, and Kyoto. Founded in 1991, NAIST consists solely of graduate schools in three integrated areas: information science, biological sciences, and materials science. The university’s objectives are to conduct cutting-edge research in frontier areas and to train students to become tomorrow’s leaders in science and technology. NAIST will perform outstanding research in the core study areas of information, biological, and materials sciences, and actively engage in interdisciplinary studies to explore and seek solutions in the most challenging areas. NAIST focuses leading researchers in three of the four priority areas listed in the Japanese government’s science and technology policy: information technology, biological sciences, and nanotechnology. We also promote interdisciplinary research across graduate schools, in addition to research within each graduate school, to respond flexibly to rapid progress and changes in science.


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