National Academy of Sciences Belarus



National Academy of Sciences Belarus

National Academy of Science was founded in 1928 (NAS of Belarus, or NASB). It is the highest state scientific organization of the Republic of Belarus, a country in the middle of Europe. It unites the highly skilled scientists of different specialties and dozens of research, scientific-production, design and inculation organizations. The staff of the Academy of Sciences includes more than 18,000 researchers, technicians and supporting personnel whose average age is under 48 years old. There are about 5,870 Researchers, 482 Doctors of Sciences and 1,822 Candidates of Sciences (equivalent to Ph.D.), 247 Professors and 506 Associate Professors among them.The Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences develops and coordinates the research works in the field of chemistry of polymers and new areas of their application, methods of organic synthesis of substances with valuable properties, chemistry of inorganic materials, physical chemistry of disperse systems, chemistry of proteins, nuclein acids and low-molecular bioregulators.


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