Niagara University offers Research in Surface Chemistry,Computational Chemistry.



Niagara University

The College of Arts & Sciences offers a rich array of degree programs, minors, and general education courses that encourage students to grow and develop into well-rounded, multi-talented individuals. The diversity of offerings within the College allows the flexibility to pursue unique interests through minors, double majors, honors programs, internships, study abroad, and research courses. Annually, over 70% of our graduates complete atleast one minor or double major, increasing their interdisciplinary knowledge and career flexibility. Outstanding Faculty, who engage students in active learning, are at the core of the College's tradition of academic excellence. Niagara Students find our faculty to be dynamic and approachable. Over 90% of our seniors indicate that our faculty are very knowledgeable, caring, and supportive and that the qauality of teaching is excellent. The Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics fosters the professional development of its students through academic excellence, enabling them to compete in a technological society.  The department provides its majors with a thorough understanding of basic and modern concepts of chemistry, biochemistry, and physics; the ability ot analyze and apply scientific concepts to technical problems, the development of laboratory skills, and the development of a strong sense of professionalism.  Furthermore, the B.S. in chemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society. A degree in chemistry from Niagara University will prepare you for careers in this exciting, evolving field.


Department OF Chemistry, Niagara University, Depaul Hall, Room 104, NY 14109,U.S.A.
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