Northeast Normal University offers Research in Material Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.



Northeast Normal University

NENU is a comprehensive normal university which is under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education. It is located in Changchun City in Jilin Province, the Spring City with enchanting landscape in the northern part of China. Changchun is both a summer resort and a wonderful land for skating and skiing in winter.Training outstanding teachers for middle schools is both the goal and the speciality of NENU. It is famous as "the cradle of teachers". Serving the fundamental education has been formed as the distinctive characteristic for school-running in the long period of its development. Respect-based Education has been put forward as the guiding ideology of education according to the educational practice throughout many years. We expect that through initiating this ideology, our teachers will establish the educational spirit "human-centeredness" firmly, respect the law of education and of talents 'development in the teaching activities and respect students' human dignity and human nature as well as the development of personality to create harmonious human environment for the healthy development of students. Of course, we still expect that our students will practice this ideology actively in their educational career in the future.


Faculty of Chemistry, Northeast Normal University, 5268# Renmin Road, Changchun, P.R. China.
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