Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina offers Research in Chemistry.



Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina

The start of the academic work of the University was carried out amid debate of free education and its first home was the building of the former Apostolic Nunciature in 1227 Riobamba Street owned by the Holy See to that paid a symbolic annual rent. This building had previously housed the Argentine Institute of Catholic Culture. In 1958 the University started its business with around 600 students. The Faculty of Chemistry and Engineering "Friar Roger Bacon," was founded by the Franciscan Order and School of Chemistry, in the city of San Lorenzo, the April 26, 1963, in the historic College classrooms "San Carlos".


Industrial Chemistry.
Industrial Chemistry, Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, Faculty of Chemistry and Engineering, first floor office building Santa Maria, Av Alicia Moreau de Justo 1300, C1107AAZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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