Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador offers Research in Clinical Biochemistry,Theoretical Chemistry.



Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador

Pontifical Universidal Catholical Del Ecuador was established in 1946. It is located in Quito, Ecuador. The university offers undergraduate and graduate courses. The Faculty of Natural Sciences consists of the Schools of Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Physics-Mathematics. The School of Biological Sciences manages research projects in biochemistry. The faculty is highly qualified at national and international level. Faculty work closely with students in their research field. The School of Chemical Sciences offers specialized professionals in Analytical Chemistry and offers Bachelor in chemistry. The laboratory is well equipped with modern instruments. The main objective of the School of Chemical Sciences is to train competitive professionals unfold the pace of scientific and technical solvency able to cope with any analytical problem, promoting changes that allow developing country firms advancement. The School of Chemical Sciences, in the coming years will be consolidated as a modern academic unit, with cutting-edge technological infrastructure for the training of professionals with social responsibility. It will be recognized by the results of scientific research developed efficient processes and trained human resources and committed to the institutional mission.


School of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Phone: 299 1700 ext. 1556  Av October 12, 1076 and Roca , Quito, Ecuador.
Analytical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Clinical Biochemistry.

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