Southeast Missouri State University offers Research in Environmental Chemistry,Material Chemistry.



Southeast Missouri State University

The Department of Chemistry has a long standing tradition of excellence in chemical education, and has been certified by the American Chemical Society’s Committee on Professional Training since 1968. Our programs are designed to prepare students for careers in chemistry and allied professions, and with eight different transcripted options leading to a Bachelor's degree in chemistry to choose from, students can more closely tailor their education to meet their professional goals. The B.S in chemistry program have five options to choose from (chemistry, American Chemical Society Certified Chemistry, Biochemistry, Forensic Chemistry, and Business) and the B.A in chemistry has three options to choose from (chemistry, Forensic Science, and DNA Analysis). Our students are well prepared to compete with graduates from other institutions as they pursue their professional careers. Many of our graduating seniors have excelled on the Major Field Achievement Test in Chemistry prepared by Educational Testing Services of Princeton, New Jersey. Since 1994, a majority of our graduating seniors who have taken the test have scored at or above the 50th percentile compared to the national norm, and nearly 30 percent have scored at or above the 70th percentile.


Department of Chemistry, Southeast Missouri State University, Rhodes Hall 201, One University Plaza, MS 6400, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 6370,U.S.A.
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