St. Francis Xavier University offers Research in Environmental Chemistry,Geochemistry.



St. Francis Xavier University

St. Francis Xavier University offers what so many of Canada’s top students are seeking: a high quality education, focused principally on the undergraduate, in a vibrant residential setting. Recognized as one of the finest schools in Canada, StFX is meeting the needs of today’s undergraduates through outstanding teaching, exceptional hands-on research experiences, the very best in a residential community, and unique opportunities to make a contribution to communities at home and abroad.


Earth Science.
Department of Earth Sciences, St. Francis Xavier University, Physical Sciences Complex, Office 2052, 1 West Street, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, B2G 2W5, Canada.
Department of Chemistry, Physical Sciences Centre 3063, St. Francis Xavier University , P.O. Box 5000 , Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5, Canada.
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