Syracuse University offers Research in Biochemistry,Geochemistry.



Syracuse University

From its founding  in 1870, Syracuse University has been the embodiment of Scholarship in Action education that transcends traditional boundaries through a combination of innovative thinking, daring choices and entrepreneurial attitude. The campus is  nestled amongst the rolling hills of Central New York—itself a crucible of historic change and progress. Building on that foundation, SU continues to create opportunities for students and faculty to push limits, build pathways, and make connections that lead to new discoveries and transformational change.


Chemical Engineering.
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, L.C. Smith College of Engineering & Computer Science,Syracuse University, 223 Link Hall, Syracuse NY 13244, U.S.A.
Earth Science.
Department of Earth Sciences, Syracuse University, 204 Heroy geology lab, Syracuse. NY 13244 - 1070, U.S.A.
Department of Chemistry, Syracuse University, 1-014 Center for Science and Technology, Syracuse, New York 13244-4100, U.S.A.
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