The University of new south wales offers Research in Electrochemistry,Organic Sythesis.


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The University of new south wales

The University of New South Wales was founded in 1949. It is one of Australia's leading research and teaching universities. The University broad range of high quality of teaching programs. The School of Chemistry at UNSW is one of the leading centres of research and teaching in Chemistry in Australia. The school contributes to degree programs across several faculties at UNSW.The department has outstanding research and teaching facilities. The school has particularly strong links both nationally and internationally. The UNSW Chemical Society has a series of named lectureships which attract the best chemists from around the world to NSW where they present lectures and interact with our staff and students. Research in the School is focussed into three broad areas: Molecular Devices, Biological and Chemical Catalysis, and Bioactive Molecules.


Chemical Engineering.
Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of New South Wales , Level 3, Chemical Sciences Building (F10), enter via Gate 2, High Street, UNSW SYDNEY NSW 2052, Australia.
Petroleum Engineering.
Department of Petroleum Engineering, The University of new south wales, Building D12, Gate 2, via Anzac Parade and High Street, Kensington,NSW 2052, Australia.
School of Chemistry, UNSW Sydney 2052, Australia.
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