Tokyo University of Science (TUS) offers Research in Synthetic Chemistry,Organic Chemistry.


Rank: 201-250

Tokyo University of Science (TUS)

Tokyo University of Science was founded in 1881. It is a private university in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Since the time of its foundation, science and technology have undergone changes beyond any imagination. Today, the Tokyo University of Science has developed into Japan's largest comprehensive science and technology university. During this period, the University has produced numerous graduates who have supported Japanese scientific and technological advancement. Furthermore, the University has adopted a new teaching principle for nurturing younger generations who will be responsible for the future, as follows: "Creating science and technology for nature, people and society and the harmonious development of all three." Theobjective is to nurture science and technology professionals equipped with not only specialized knowledge, but also a well-rounded education and high ethical standards, as well as good character and international perspectives. Efforts are also focused on laying the groundwork for pursuing internationally competitive research. n fact, many of our initiatives have been adopted by various programs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various study area. The Department of Chemistry contributes to sustainably constructing an easily-livable society by producing environment-friendly substances that are academically meaningful and useful for human lives. The Department of Applied Chemistry aims to develop researchers and engineers who possess solid, fundamental capacities for science and a broad perspective for social application. The department offers wide array of elective courses that emphasize basic chemistry subjects, Cutting-edge research for creating substances that respond to needs. The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry carries out thorough education on the basics and application of chemistry, fosters researchers and engineers full of creativity, and provides education and research that looks towards future trends in the chemicals industry. Research topics include energy, which is the most important issue for human beings today, fields related to living organisms, functional materials and chemistry that is based on environmental harmony. In addition, as the gap between the basic scholastic ability of students and scientific technology, which is becoming specialized, should be filled, students are guided to true understanding of academics through experiences based on labs and discussions and easily understandable lectures. The Tokyo University of Science will continue to press on to earn high esteem internationally in terms of both teaching and research excellence.


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science Division I, Tokyo University of Science, 1-3 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8601, Japan.
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