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Universidade de Guarulhos

Universidade de Guarulhos On 12 August 1970, the Ministry of Education and signed Decree authorized the opening of the institution by offering five courses: Pedagogy, Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies and Physical and Biological Sciences. Today, the university offers more than 40 courses in traditional and technology graduation, dozens of specialized courses and MBA options, three master's programs (Geoenvironmental Analysis, Nursing and Dentistry) and a PhD (Dentistry) Recommended with substantial notes she CAPES / MEC. Guarulhos University's mission is to provide quality higher education. The laboratories have appropriate equipment, where experiments are performed on all the necessary levels to curriculum requirements.


Chemistry, Guarulhos University, Praça Tereza Cristina, 1 center 07023-070 - Guarulhos, SP - Brazil.
Chemical Engineering.
Chemical Engineering, Guarulhos University, Av. Anton Philips,01 Vila Hermínia, 07030-010 - Guarulhos, SP - Brasil.
Organic Chemistry

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