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Universidade de Sorocaba

University of Sorocaba was first a city college in 1951 with the Faculty of Philosophy Sciences and Letters of Sorocaba.The university offers graduate courses in chemistry and industrial chemistry. The degree course in Chemistry has as main characteristic form professionals able to spread knowledge of this science. The course allows students to learn the chemical concepts and their various applications in everyday life he course of Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry aims to train and enable the professional to act directly in industrial chemical production plants of any size, be in control and management of processes like quality control, from raw materials to finished product.


Chemistry, Exact & Earth Sciences, University of Sorocaba, Street Raposo Tavares, 92 Vila Assisi, Sorocaba - SP, 18023-000, Brazil.
Organic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Natural Products, Environmental Science, Phytochemistry.

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