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Universite de la Polynesie Francaise

Universite de la Polynesie Francaise was founded on 29th May 1987. It is a public scientific, cultural and professional character (EPSCP). As a public institution of higher education, the University of French Polynesia ensures independently multiple missions that benefit the youth of the French Polynesia and thus contributes to the social, economic and cultural development of the Polynesian "Society .Under the provisions of the Education Code, it helps in this respect: Development of research necessary support trainning"provided, and the elevation of scientific, cultural and professional community and individuals who compose it. The University of French Polynesia offers students in his graduate school, training of bac +8, accessible with the master level: doctorate. One of the essential characteristics of a university is not only a place of learning but also a place of research to ensure the right level of training.University professors and lecturers are researchers. University also provides training in research through research and some students are actually young researchers. To support these students, we say "in theory", the University of French Polynesia has a Doctoral School Multidisciplinary covering all disciplines of research laboratories: chemistry of natural substances, biology, geosciences, mathematicsletter and languages, humanities and social sciences, law, economics, management.



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