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Universite de Monastir

Universite de Monastir was established in 2004.The Faculty of Sciences was established in 1977.The Department of Chemistry comes under the faculty of Sciences. It has about 60 faculty members.Department provides training a Basic license Chemistry ( CFLs ), four licenses applied Fine Chemicals,Chemistry, Plastics, physico-chemical and Analysis Analysis & Water Treatment ( LAC - CF, CMP,and APC ATE), two masters of research "Synthesis and Reactivity in Organic Chemistry"and Synthesis and Physical Chemistry of Materials ( CISO & SPCM ) and a professional master in Environment and Analyses Physico-chemical Industrial. The department has 2 research laboratories.


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science , Universite de Monastir, Avenue de l Environnement , Monastir - 5000,Tunisia. .
Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry.

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