Universität des Saarlandes offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Biochemistry.


Rank: 451-500

Universität des Saarlandes

With its numerous degree programmes and the variety of final qualifications offered (Diplom, Magister, state examinations and, increasingly, bachelor and master qualifications), Saarland University provides the broad spectrum of disciplines typical of a classical universitas litterarum. Integrated degree courses, which can lead to the award of a joint degree, are organized by Saarland University and foreign partner universities in the fields of business administration, physics, chemistry, materials science and in the interdisciplinary programme 'Cross-border Franco-German Studies.'


Saarland University, Department of Chemistry Dudweiler, Line 1 on the market, 66125 Saarbrücken, Germany.
Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry.

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