University Ferhat Abbas Setif offers Research in Biochemistry,Physical Chemistry.



University Ferhat Abbas Setif

The University Ferhat Abbas Setif was founded in 1978. It is located in Setif, Algeria. The university offers graduate and postgraduate programs in various study areas. The Faculty of Sciences consists of departments The Department of Chemistry within the faculty of sciences offers the License training, Master and PhD in the new LMD system, as well as training DEUA, Engineer and Magister in the conventional system, which is endangered. The Faculty also has laboratories that contribute significantly to the promotion of scientific research and the management of frames of theses committed under the authority of doctoral programs. The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Life offer License and Master Programs in biochemistry and other fields of sciences.


Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Science & Life, University of Setif-1, Pole Universitaire El-Bez, Sétif. 19000 Algeria.
Department of Chemistry, University of Setif-1, Faculty of Sciences(Division 2 - El Bez), Setif 19000,Algeria.
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