University of Bahrain offers Research in Organic Chemistry,Organic Sythesis.



University of Bahrain

The University of Bahrain is a national university dedicated to excellence inteaching and learning; innovative research; the generation and dissemination of knowledge; development of the student's personality, skills, and knowledge; and building partnerships with the public and private sectors; through distinction inits academic programs, faculty and staff, student activities, fostering innovation, cultivating a culture for quality, and reaching out to the local, regional, and global communities.The Department of Chemistry at University of Bahrain consists of 18 academic staff, 20 supporting technical, administrative and secretarial staffs and over 100 chemistry major students. The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry provide an environment where students at all levels can explore, discover, and learn chemistry through coursework In addition to classrooms, stockrooms, and instructional laboratories, there are instrument laboratories, research laboratories, and computer laboratories. All the lecture courses are taught by full-time faculty. The faculty, all PhD holders maintain close contact with students. Research is encouraged in all the major disciplines of Chemistry. The Department has a wide range of instrumentation.


Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Bahrain, P.O. Box. 32038, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Chemical Engineering.
Department of Chemical Engineering, College Of Engineering, University of Bahrain, P.O. Box. 32038, Kingdom of Bahrain.
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