University of Basel offers Research in Geochemistry,Spectroscopy.


Rank: 151-200

University of Basel

Over 550 years of uninterrupted academic teaching and research are a success story. In the first year after the opening of the records of the University of Basel registered 227 students and faculty at the four schools of theologians, lawyers, doctors and artists. Today there are approximately 12,000 students, over 300 professors and approximately 1,600 additional faculty in seven departments. From the Faculty of Arts - the former "artists" - 1937 emerged the Faculty of Natural Sciences, 1996, 2003, the Faculty of Economics and Psychology. Scientifically, the university has been characterized by the beginnings of their diversity. Outstanding achievements in various fields over the centuries contributed to the reputation of the university, must be preserved in the global competition has become. The University of Basel may well be proud to have played in the opening of the science students and researchers also innovative.


Department of Chemistry, University of Basel, Spitalstrasse 51, 4056 Basel,Switzerland.
Environmental Geosciences, Institute of Environmental Geosciences, University of Basel, Bernoullistrasse 30, CH-4056 Basel,Switzerland.
Geochemistry, Spectroscopy, Theoretical Chemistry, Super Molecular Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Photo Chemistry, Catalysis, Natural Products, Enzymatic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Peptide Chemistry, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Biology, Organometallic Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X