University of Blida offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Biochemistry.



University of Blida

Blida University was founded in 1850. Blida of Wilaya is located 50 km South-west of Algiers, on the southern edge of the plain of Mitidja 22 km from the sea and is in a position contact between the mountains and the plain. Blida University is among the first universities in Algeria to hang over the training in the new LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorate). The Faculty of Science is the first at the University Saad Dahlab to attune to this new training LMD.Depuis 2004 (year of the implementation of the LMD system). The Faculty of Science was formally established within the University of Saad Dahlab Blida. The Faculty of Sciences is housed in the premises of the former Institute Sciences accurate. Faculty of Sciences provides training: Diploma academic studies (DEUA in 3years), Graduate Diploma (DES in 4 years), State Engineer (in 5 years), Magister and PhD status of science in the following fields: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry. The degree of Doctorate of Science State has been replaced since the year 1998 by a Doctorate of Science (Faculty of Science is authorized to issue the grade Lecturing Physics and Chemistry). The Department of chemistry comes within the Faculty of Sciences and has a chemistry lab to carry out the research work.


Department of Chemistry, SAAD University Dahlab Blida , PO Box 270, (09000) Algeria,
Biological Science.
Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Agro-Veterinary and Biological Sciences, SAAD University Dahlab Blida, PO Box 270 , (09000) Algeria.
Industrial Chemistry.
Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Technology, SAAD University Dahlab Blida , Blida BP 270 (09000) Algeria.
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