University of Cincinnati offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Biochemistry.


Rank: 401-450
University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati offers students a balance of educational excellence and real-world experience. UC is a public research university with an enrollment of more than 42,000 students.  The University of Cincinnati continues to gain national and international recognition for outstanding academic programs, world-class faculty and successful co-op partnerships around the globe. The University of Cincinnati is among the nation’s best institutions for a college education, according to The Princeton Review’s 2011 edition of its annual college guide.


Chemical Engineering.
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati, School of Energy, Environmental, Biological & Medical Engineering, 601 Engineering Research Center, Cincinnati OH 45221-0012,U.S.A.
Biological Science.
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati, 614 Rieveschl Hall, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0006, U.S.A.
Department of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0172, 404 Crosley Tower ,U.S.A.
Geological Sciences.
Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati, 500 Geol/Phys, Cincinnati, OH 45221, U.S.A.
Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Geochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry, Photo Chemistry, Isotope Geochemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Chemical Education, Biophysical Chemistry.