University of Delaware offers Research in Analytical Chemistry,Environmental Chemistry.



University of Delaware

University of Delaware is the largest university in Delaware. The main campus is in Newark, with satellite campuses in Dover, Wilmington, Lewes and Georgetown. It is medium-sized – approximately 16,000 undergraduate and 3,500 graduate students. The school has renowned engineering, science, business, education, urban affairs and public policy, public administration, agriculture, history, chemical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry programs, among others, drawing from the historically strong presence of the nation's chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the state of Delaware. UD offers a broad range of degree programs: 4 associate programs, 137 bachelor’s programs, 117 master's programs, 50 doctoral programs and 12 dual graduate programs through our seven colleges and in collaboration with more than 60 research centers.


Chemical Engineering.
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, 150 Academy Street, Colburn Laboratory, Newark, DE 19716, U.S.A.
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