University of Lille 1 offers Research in Organic Chemistry,Medicinal Chemistry.


Rank: 201-250

University of Lille 1

University of Lille 1 was founded in 1562 by the Spanish. It became French in 1667. It is a state university and one of the leading science universities in France. The Faculty of Chemistry is part of the University that coordinates resources for Research and Training in Chemistry in the University of Lille 1. The Faculty of Chemistry is at the forefront of Training and Research in many areas: materials chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemistry for energy, chemistry for health and spectrochemistry. Research is carried out by teams of the highest order, in world-class laboratories, co-supervised with the CNRS. The faculty offers masters course in chemistry.


Department of Chemistry, Université Lille 1, Building C8, 59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq CEDEX,France.
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